Story Structure    

I've done an in-depth study of story structure with the goal of understanding how to build a resonant, gripping story. I am currently working on a book: The Story Template, that describes in a step-wise fashion how someone may develop a story from an unformed idea.

In the meantime, you can be a volunteer Beta tester! Please find on the next few pages some preliminary shaping tools that may help you take a first step towards refining a story idea. I hope they help! Please let me know what you think here.

        Step 1: Preliminary Ideas
        Step 2: The One-Sentence "Zinger"
        Step 3: Heart of the Story
        Step 4: Story Question
        Step 5: Stakes
        Step 6: Protagonist Selection
        Step 7: Simple Story
        Step 8: Preliminary Structure
        Step 9: Put Preliminaries Together

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