Can a Jewish person believe in Christ?    

There are many Jewish people who believe in Yeshua as messiah. They usually either worship in a traditional church, or join Messianic synagogues where the Jewish heritage and cultural customs are preserved.

Being "Jewish" may be described as being born to Jewish parents, being raised in a Jewish home, and/or following the Jewish faith. Many "traditional" Jews (Jews who follow the mainstream Jewish faith, whether Orthodox, Conservative, or Reformed) do not look on Jews who follow Yeshua as being Jewish -- there can be great cultural conflict here. Many traditional Jews are hostile to Christianity because they look at Christians as having persecuted Jews throughout history, for example during the Crusades, the Inquisition, Nazi Germany, etc. etc.

A Christian would argue that those actions were not done by true Christians, or in the spirit of Christianity. Many people call themselves "Christians" because they were born into a church-going family even though they have not, in fact, made a personal commitment to Jesus.


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