So what does all this mean?    

Answering the question of whether Jesus rose from the dead or not is more than an intellectual exercise. If the resurrection is false, it doesn't matter anyway. But if it did occur, it leads to the most important decision you will ever make, not only for now, but for your eternal destiny.

Many people have trouble accepting that God exists or that Jesus is who he said he was. If you find yourself here, I recommend that you pray to God, if He exists, to reveal Himself and the truth to you. If you say this prayer sincerely, it will always bring results.

Being a Christian is not following a system of rules, but rather having a relationship with the God who knows and loves you completely. Becoming a Christian is easy. You simply acknowledge to God that you have committed acts that are not consistent with His Holiness. You accept Jesus' death as payment for your wrong acts so that you can be reconciled with him. You acknowledge that Jesus was resurrected as proof that his death was sufficient payment, and you invite Jesus/God to become Lord of your life. When you pray this, the Holy Spirit/God will come to live within you and help you to follow Him.

If you have sincerely prayed this prayer, you belong to God forever. Start reading the Bible, beginning with the gospel of John (the 4th book of the New Testament). Tell someone about your decision, and find a Bible-believing church or Messianic synagogue.

After becoming a Christian, continue to focus on God: learning and growing in His ways. You won't live a perfect life, but even so you will no longer persistently do wrong things. Who you are in this life will change, for the better, and you will know for sure that you will be with God in heaven in the next life.


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