Amy Deardon Bio    

I'm married with two children. They both earned their black belts in tae kwon do last summer.

I am a Ph.D. scientist (under a different name) who did bench research before I quit to stay home with our kids. My specialty is physiology, and I love it. I also love writing and story structure.

Besides tapping on the computer keyboard, periodically I play the flute. The most moving performance (for me) was playing for a crowded memorial service for a serviceman killed in the Pentagon on September 11th, 2001.

I took over a year on a personal quest to investigate the claims of Jesus' resurrection with the goal of destroying them. To do this I studied Biblical accounts of Jesus and numerous commentaries by believers and skeptics alike, listed the facts agreed upon, and began to explore scenarios that could explain what was known. To my surprise and considerable dismay, the evidence kept pointing away from naturalistic explanations and eventually formed a virtually certain case for the resurrection of Jesus. Finally I admitted defeat and became a Christian.

My first novel, A Lever Long Enough, combines my loves of technology and derring-do with the universal longing for transcendent truth. I believe there is a rational basis for this longing.


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