What does a Christian Believe?    

A Christian believes the following statments about Jesus:

  1. Jesus was (and is) fully God

  2. Jesus was also fully human when he lived on the Earth

  3. Jesus died on the cross

  4. Jesus' death was the necessary and sufficient sacrifice as a substitutionary payment for sin. Any person may accept this substitutionary sacrifice on his own behalf

  5. Jesus literally rose from the dead

  6. Christians believe there is only one God who has always, and will always, exist

  7. He created everything, including time

  8. He is all-knowing and all-powerful

  9. He is also all-loving, and is intimately involved with every aspect of your life. He loves you and deeply longs for you to be reconciled with him
  10. Creation has fallen and evil exists because God has given us humans free will to choose good or bad actions. All people, no matter how good they are, have done at least one wrong thing, or thought one bad thought, in their lives

    Therefore, no one can enter into the presence of God based on his own "goodness" after he dies, since God is also completely holy and righteous.

    To solve this dilemma, God provided a sacrifice, Jesus, the only man who was completely without sin, to pay the penalty that each person's sin deserves.


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