Are Christians Hypocrites?    

It's important to remember that not everyone who claims to be a Christian is actually a Christian. Furthermore, many people who are Christians do not make it a priority to try and live the Christian life faithfully. Many self-proclaimed Christians don't seem to act in a "Christian" manner: they lie, steal, or have affairs. There is no doubt that these actions tarnish the name of Jesus.

Even so, a Christian would say that yes, all Christians are indeed hypocrites, since a hypocrite can be defined as someone who does not live the things, or meets the standard, of what he believes. The Christian believes his standard is perfect as Jesus is perfect. Since no one can reach this standard, he will always be less than what he is striving to be -- in other words, a hypocrite. The Christian believes this state of imperfection will persist until he is literally in the presence of Jesus, when he will then be remade.

Christians are not the only people who can be hypocrites, of course, but they are often (rightfully) targeted because they hold to such a high standard of ethical behavior. There are many sincere Christians who, although they may stumble, struggle passionately to live the teachings of Jesus as best as they possibly can. Billy Graham and Mother Theresa are two well-known examples. Christians through the ages, living by Jesus' words, have done great things to improve the quality of life on earth. They have built hospitals and educational systems, and the entire abolition movement of slavery in the 19th century was spearheaded by Christians in both England and America. Today many ministries that, for example, aid disaster victims, dig wells in poor countries, or run soup kitchens or prison outreach, have been formed and operate in the name of Christ.

The guiding principle in Christianity is agape love, sacrificial love, wanting the very best for the other person with no thought for the self. While no human being is perfect and Christians consistently fall short of this ideal, it is nevertheless what Christians strive for.


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