Alternative Naturalistic Theories #5: Hallucinations  
Alternative Naturalistic Theories to the Resurrection



This theory states that all of Jesus’ appearances to eyewitnesses were only hallucinations.




1. Those who preached the resurrection insisted repeatedly that Jesus was bodily raised from the dead (see Acts 2:32, but there are many references).


2. This theory contradicts certain laws and principles to which psychiatrists say visions must conform. W. Corduan writes, “The problem with this theory is that, in the case of the Resurrection appearances, everything we know about hallucinations is violated. The appearances did not follow the patterns always present in hallucinations, for hallucinations are private and arise out of a state of extreme emotional instability in which the hallucination functions as a sort of wish-fulfillment. What occurred after the Resurrection was very different. The disciples had little trouble accepting Christ’s departure; they decided to go back to their fishing. The appearances came as surprises while the disciples were intent on other things. Most importantly, the appearances came to groups of people, with each member seeing the same thing. That is simply not how hallucinations work. Thus the Resurrection appearances could not have been hallucinations (W. Corduan. No Doubt About It: The Case for Christianity. Nashville: Broadman & Holman Publishers, 1997)




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