Apologetics: Outline    

The presentation of apologetics on this web site is abbreviated, but there is ample material available to the person wishing to learn more. Please check the Resources page here.

Much of the structure of this outline comes from Josh McDowell's excellent Evidence that Demands a Verdict, although I have modified it and added a considerable amount of material.

We'll be looking at the following topics:

ExtraBiblical Documentation of Jesus' Life

Why Use the New Testament (NT)?

When were the New Testament (NT) documents written? 

How reliable are the New Testatement (NT) documents?

Can we admit the New Testament documents as evidence?

What about Miracles?

What did Jesus believe and say about himself?

The Trilemma

Historical Context

Some Background on First Century Israel

Calendar of the Last Week of Jesus' Life

        Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem ("Palm Sunday")

        Throws out Merchants at the Temple

        Judas' Betrayal of Jesus at the Seder ("Last Supper")

        Jesus is Arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane

        Jewish Trial in Front of Caiaphas and the Sanhedrin

        Roman Trial in Front of Pontius Pilate

        Jesus' Burial

Some Historical Facts

        #1: Jesus was Dead

        #2: Jesus was Buried

        #3: A Stone was Rolled in Front of the Tomb

        #4: The Tomb was Sealed and Guarded

        #5: The Apostles were Afraid and Fled

Some Supporting Evidence

        #1: The Empty Tomb

        #2: Women Were First

        #3: Grave Clothes

        #4: The Guards

        #5: Multiple Appearances

        #6: Enemies Gave No Refutation

        #7: Transformed Disciples

Alternative Naturalistic Theories

        #1: Legend

        #2: Swoon

        #3: Passover Plot

        #4: Body Theft

        #5: Hallucinations

        #6: Wrong Tomb

        #7: Body Flung in a Pit

Who Was Paul?

13 Historic Facts, as listed by Gary Habermas

        and a STORY about these facts