Jesus' Last Week of Life: The Temple  

Jesus' Last Week of Life: The Temple

Some Interesting Points:

1. The same phrase (house of prayer, den of robbers) was repeated in all three accounts --> this is strong evidence that Jesus used these exact words. 

NOTE: there are some who suggest the previous existence (now lost) of a document, “Q”, that held an account of Jesus’ life from which the synoptic gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke) were written. Evaluating this claim is beyond the scope of this presentation; however, there are enough discrepancies in the synoptic gospels to make the existence of “Q” far from certain.

2. Jesus' reputation as being able to heal was mentioned.

3. Again, the messianic title "Son of David" was ascribed to Jesus. Jesus accepted the title.

4. The "Court of the Gentiles" or the outer court of the Temple was a place of busy commerce. The priests received a lot of income from this commerce.

5. The chief priests saw Jesus in the Temple area, not just this one time when he tipped the tables, but all week since Jesus taught there. They no doubt were quite aware of who Jesus was and were none too happy with him. However, they probably felt they could not move against Jesus because he was so popular with the people.


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