Jesus' Last Week of Life: Palm Sunday 

The Triumphal Entry ("Palm Sunday")

Some Interesting Points:

1. Jesus was viewed to have fulfilled a messianic prophecy by riding a donkey's colt into the city. This was also a prophecy that Jesus took direct action to fulfill, suggesting he thought he was Messiah.

2. The crowds laid their coats on the ground as Jesus passed by. This action signifies a royal entrance.

3. The crowds waved palm branches and shouted "Hosanna!" The palm branches were a national symbol of Israel, and waving them was just like our waving American flags at a fourth of July parade. The term "Hosanna" means "Save Us." The crowd also used Messianic terms such as "Son of David" and "King of Israel." It is a fair assumption to say that many in the crowds may have been looking at Jesus as a political savior to liberate the Jewish nation from the Romans.

4. Some of the Pharisees were there, and they were none too pleased at Jesus' showy entrance into Jerusalem and the enthusiastic greeting of the crowd. They were probably jealous. They were certainly nervous that Jesus could incite the people to riot against Rome, which would bring a harsh Roman suppression on their city and country.

5. Jesus was reputed to have done a miracle: raising Lazarus from the dead. Many people were curious to see him because of this reputation.

6. At night Jesus with his disciples went to stay at Bethany, which was the home of Martha, Mary, and Lazarus.

7. Jesus is said to have predicted the final destruction of Jerusalem in 70 C.E., when not one stone was left on another.


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